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Trusted Partnerships that BENEFIT YOU

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Why partnerships?

Simply put because we understand and value the power of a FAMILY unit. The strength that TRUST in a family unit provides is paramount when cultivating all forms of relationships. Secondly we want to support others on their journey to obtain success especially our customer family and business vendors. Here at Ahvia Innovations LLC we decided that the best way to help everyone who we encounter grow is by creating a trustworthy network filled with a variety of well vetted professionals who provide unmatched quality products and services. Trust is our number one principle therefore we will ONLY affiliate ourselves with reputable service providers who possess clean verifiable backgrounds,impressive track records along with the achievement of positive ,desirable results. Beginning MAR 2022 after fully background checking various businesses and professionals we will provide a compiled list of our TOP recommended choices. This list will be located on our site for our customer family on the site page named "List of expert vendors". This list of providers will also be a part of our luxury preferred VIP service packages. Our personal care vendor partnership will come with a variety of perks,gifts,incentives,discounts,free consultations and more. Most importantly we guarantee satisfaction with your results. Please be sure to check back with us on and for questions or concerns please call 407-732-0888 or email us at

NOTE* The vendor list is subject to change. A vendors violation of any rules,will be grounds for removed from our database and the revoking of Authorized Retailer status(if applicable).

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