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Out of our love for ALL people we  sincerely value and respect our  customer family, business affiliates and supporters.  As a result of this respect we hold gratitude in our hearts and are devoted to continuously dedicating our efforts towards producing authentic superior quality goods. While always maintaining product & result transparency.  As advocates for you on your self love & care journey we are committed to nurturing the golden link between you and earth's natural powerful healing capabilities. Illuminating your beauty is our passion

Thank you!

We Thank you! We are grateful for you! and we look forward to aiding you on your path towards achieving luminous life elevating results.
ALWAYS remember you are magnificent & deserve it ALL!



🌸We pledge to always prioritize
YOUR desires and to support you towards achieving optimal health,beauty,and style.
🌸We pledge to continuously put our efforts towards providing authentic materials, ingredients, safety tests,research, and the development of viable products that are long-lasting.
🌸We pledge to maintain our obligatory belief of putting the health of our customer family FIRST
🌸We pledge to discontinue any products and/or ingredients that no longer uphold eminent attributes or effective results.

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How We Got Here

Our love for people 

After many years of research it became evident that our health and beauty desires as society are constantly shifting.  The scary part is we found that it has been for worst.  As scientific discovery expanded, so did the chemical profile for product ingredients.  This broke our hearts. WHY? because of the DANGERS. As natural beings we deserve MORE of natural elements to support our bodies needs.  As dynamic as our bodies are, we found that our bodies respond best with the elements from the earth do to our connection with natures cellular make up.  This information encouraged us to find viable earth grown alternatives. We knew the long term effects of synthetic chemicals would be the demise of our natural beauty and could potentially irreversibly destroy our overall health.  We refuse to let that happen.  We understand the power of self love and how hurtful it can be when you look in the mirror if you don't see the value in your authentic beauty.  We want to change that.

WHY???  ONLY one reason 


Ahvia Innovations LLC is a futuristic self love and personal care enterprise focused on the development of natural multipurpose health/beauty cosmetics ,supplies,and eccentric jewelry creations. We are the  Official Creators of the original Edens Gold line of Nutritional healing oils,Loc and Load hair decor ,Lux Jadore Jewelry line. We pride ourselves on creating one of a kind jewelry pieces for both hair and body.  Along with original cosmetic blends. In addition to our oils we are the official creators of  the Push Pretty hair care and make-up line of hand handle easy application utility tools COMING SOON. 

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Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 10am - 3pm Sat - Sun: Closed

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Original Products



OFFICIAL  Cosmetic product launch 2022

designed with You in Mind

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Jadore Jewelry Collection

A exclusive unique variety of original designer jewelry pieces.

Dewy Flowers


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If you still have questions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Someone on our team will be happy to assist you.

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